Why 5-Letter Words Are The Best In Brandable

In the domainers circle, everyone believes 2L domains are better than 3L domains, and 4Ls better than 5-Letter words, and so on. But where does it stop? At what length does domains completely become valueless? When did domain names become pieces of woods whose worth is measured by the lengths?

According to IMC, a Namepro.com member, “Domains are not ‘antiques’ and were meant to be used in practical everyday business and commerce” purposes. That’s spot on. Only the practical end user has the power to determine the value of a domain name, not some imaginary length measurement rules.

DNJournal and other domain blogs and forums regularly updates their members on domain sales report to show how much domain names have recently sold, with many domainers tempted to follow those sales as their own unwritten rules for what should be the acceptable domains and prices. But the truth is that trying to compare one domain sales to the other is one of the most futile exercise.

That being said, I am of the opinion that 5-L words domains is among the priciest digital assets for obvious reasons.

1. 5-Letter Words Are Far Less In Number Compared To 4-Letter

There are about 456,976 4-L domain names of which only 160,000 Chinese premiums. Almost 99% of these has already been taken and 40% are off the secondary market. 90% of domain investors are still falling over themselves in effort to grab from the already exhausted supply. In doing so, they have totally ignored the 5-L words domains.

See what @Newviewit has to say about this: “I’ve never really followed the domainers group think with domains. It’s all about finding the ‘next’ big thing and for me pronounceable 5l.com are it.

For example, the current trend is 4l.com and there are 26 choices for the first letter, 26 for the second, 26 for the 3rd and 26 for the 4th. So altogether, there are 26*26*26*26 = 456,976 combinations. Domainers at the moment are going crazy for 4l.com compared to anything else (besides numerics) mostly because of Chinese herd mentality…

Do you really think corporate end users care if a domain is 4l or 5l? No -they just care about getting ‘their’ company brand and they will pay dearly for it. For example, Gavus.com is a better fit for any end user compared to gvus.com because it’s pronounceable and easy to remember.

Regarding pronounceable 5l.com domains (lvlvl.com) combinations there are only 21*5*21*5*21 (231,525 combinations). So there are actually less pronounceable 5l.com compared to 4l.com. But for some reason 5l.com are priced extremely low at the moment… but maybe not for long

Why do domainers not see this and why is there no ‘expectations’ of high prices for pronounceable 5l.com?

I think this will be the next gold rush after people stop buying into the 4l.com fad.” I am sure you have heard the poem, “Follow the road less travelled“? Well, there has never been more fitting advice.

Don’t forget we are talking about invented (Pronounceable, brandable, memorable) and non English words.

2. Some Of The Most Successful Brands Are 5-Letter Words

No matter how highly priced a domain is, it will be considered worthless (at least by me) if it doesn’t make it into a successful brand. ROLEX, YAHOO, IMGUR, GMAIL, HONDA, MOBIL, EXXON, NOKIA, CAIXA, BOSCH, PEPSI, etc. These are some of the world’s most successful and most recognizable brands whose names are made up of 5-L words.

To be continued…


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